Company brief


Shandong Pioneer Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 . The Headquarter is Located In RiZhao City, Shandong Province, we are theprofessional motorcycle manufacturer based in China. Our meanly productions are motorcycles (2&3 wheels) and Low-speed E-vehicles, we also supply our customers with spare parts. In addition to the local market, our products are also exported to all over the word, where they are extremely well received.

We have grown rapidly since our inception. Currently, our company covers an area of 30 thousand m² , building area 18 thousand Fixed assets 50 million. we has more than 400 employees, about 100 are engineers and technican. In addition, we have automatic assembly lines and a complete series of spare parts and motorcycle testing equipment etc for quality insurance. We have 150 thousand production capability annual, and 49 models passed the CCC certificate.

Our obsession with quality is apparent in the high quality products we manufacture and the investments we have made in qualifying for multiple quality certificates. Our company has passed the China Quality Management System Certificate ISO9001, and all of our products have Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certificate. So far we also have 20 models passed the EEC certificate and 5 models passed the EPA, DOT certification.

1.   Quality Policy:

Be responsible for our products , keep customers satisfied constantly 

2. Enterprise total quality goal:

1products one-time quality passed rate 98% 2Customers complaint handle 100% 3Customers complaints satisfaction rate 98%


3. Technology capacity: depending on technology center and leading by technology, our perennial task is develop new products and improve current products and our goal is design new products according to fulfil market demand continually. now we have 8 patents for 6 models .

4. Product capacity: over the years, with developing new produce and improving, our company set up 36cc-1000cc9 series 49 models for CCCand more than 70 varieties products combination, recently years,we devolped about 10 models low-speed E-vehicle .Now we have 150,000 complete motorcycles ,E-vehicle and  main spare parts yearly production ability, the mostly products approved by European EEC certification and EPA etc

5. Marketing and service capacity: All our products have more than 1000distributors, exclusive shops and more than 800 maintain and accessory centersin domestic and over-sea  market. With dense marketing and service net, we can solve clients' using problem timely.

6. The customers’ satisfaction is our sole and eternal goal. Not only are we completely committed to our products’ entire lifecycle through quality spare parts, engines, and after-sales services, but we also work tirelessly to develop and promote new products.