Now we have 17 models of motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes and ATVs with EEC certificates and 12 models with EPA, DOT certificates. Our products are exported to many countries all over the world, especially Europe and the Americas. Our products use only high quality spare parts and every model undergoes an one km riding test with a report which we are happy to provide to our customers. This can help us check every model to identify any problems and to respond effectively.

Beside that, when our distributor order our motorcycles, we supply them with separate spare parts, so our distributor are able to supply parts to their customer immediately. For every model, we have a complete list of spare parts with the catalogue. If our product is damaged on the way to our distributor or if it is a problem with our assembly, we will supply the spare parts to our distributor for free. If the part is not included in the parts list we sent along with the order, we will send it by courier immediately.

     All in all, if you are our distributor, we will do our best to supply all the spare parts and technology you need to make your business successful.